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amazing fitted bedrooms in stoke-on-trent

If you’re considering installing a fitted bedroom in your home, look no further than Kitchen & Bedroom Workshop Limited. With 20 years of experience in supplying and fitting new bedrooms and furniture, you can be sure to receive a superior standard of workmanship from our expert fitters in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

bespoke bedroom

why choose bespoke?


A fitted bedroom off the rack can lead to obvious gaps and unused space. You can expect a superior fit and finish as standard from our talented team, as we offer bespoke bedrooms to each customer. A fitted bedroom can add a final touch of luxury to your home as well as being inherently practical. For more information, get in touch with the team at our showroom.

Sliding Doors and Mirrored Wardrobes

When it comes to fitted wardrobes in the bedroom, space can sometimes be at a premium. To keep that light and spacious feel, mirrored wardrobes can be a fantastic addition, especially in conjunction with sliding doors.

A mirror will reflect any light back into the room and create a greater sense of space so you can avoid that shut-in feeling for modest bedrooms. Our sliding door and mirrored wardrobes are fitted by our expert team, making them an ideal storage solution with a superior finish.

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